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Ride the Freight Train

Goods train, freight train, whatever you may call It, we are giving you the opportunity to ride in a brake van on a freight train for the full length of the line, that’s over 15 miles

This is only available from Llangollen Platform 2 and true to form it will be no express, you will be given the chance to film as much as you want or just take in the dramatic scenery of the Dee valley. You might be put in the loop so an express can go through or we might even shunt you into a siding and forget all about you!!!

I will leave you in no doubt that you will be close to the action on this trip. For a £5 supplement (Open to rover ticket holders only) it is yours for the taking, but can you make up your mind on what engine you would like to take you on this journey?

For those thrill seekers wanting a bit more we will be running this event into the night…..yes you can ride the freight day or night, so watch the sparks fly up Berwyn bank . Remember to wrap up well (Berwyn tunnel does get rather cold) take note of what the steward says as they are interested in your safety and enjoyment of the trip

This event is at the discretion of the steward when it comes to admission

Simon's Miniature Railway

Operating at Llangollen will be Simon's Miniature Railway.

You will be able to take a ride on this 5inch gauge railway which will be operating on 150Ft of Track.

The following locomotives will be appearing: -

GWR 4-6-0 "Park Hall"

0-4-0 Steam Outline

and introducing visiting engine 0-4-0 Polly I "Rosie"

Railway Artist : Craig Tiley

There will be a display of paintings and a chance to meet and talk to Craig at Carrog during the gala.

Craig was born in Swindon in 1983. Although only a stones throw from the home of the GWR, Craig arrived too late to appreciate first hand the famous railway works, and only has a few memories of the rubble that was 'A-Shop'. Inspired by Terence Cuneo, he has been painting and drawing as long as he can remember and his interest in art continued throughout his education, which culminated in 2005 with the gaining of a BA (Hons) in Design.

Preferred mediums are pencils and acrylics, and he receives regular commissions for both sketches and paintings - his first gained when he was only 14 years old. Work has been sold abroad to locations including Spain, Portugal and Texas. 2001 saw Craig win First Great Western's competition to design a poster for the launch of the new 'Adelante' passenger trains, his winning poster being displayed at all stations between Bristol and Paddington.

The Railway Magazine, Wingspan and Heritage Railway are just some of the publications to feature Craig's artwork, and in 2004 the IOM Post Office featured one of his paintings on a stamp to celebrate the bi-centennial anniversary of steam. In 2006 he had a portrait accepted into the National Portrait Gallery's 'BP Portrait Award' competition.

And finally... as well as gaining membership of the Guild of Railway Artists.

Drive a Steam Locomotive

From the very beginning of Steel Steam & Stars we always intended to offer you something hands on, and where better to start than giving you the opportunity to drive an Ex British Railways Steam Locomotive.

The place to be for this event will be in the locomotive yard at Llangollen Shed, there you will be shown the principles of how it all works before taking charge of the regulator. Some of you will have done it before, some for the first time.

The distance travelled will be approximately 1 mile from the Locomotive Yard to the Loading Bay outside Pentrefellin Carriage & Wagon Works and back again. We hope you keep your eyes on the road as any good driver should and not be distracted by passing trains at Goods Junction!

Yes… due to such an intensive timetable when doing 'your thing' on the regulator the chances are you will be passing one or two trains at Goods Junction bringing you closer to the action.

We apologise that the visiting engines will not be available due to contractual issues and we feel most people will want to see the visiting engines out on the line being put through their paces.

We are making this event a turn up and drive, with no advanced booking so its up to you, for the sum of £10 the choice is yours (Open to Rover Ticket holders only) which engine or engines you want to drive??

You will be able to choose from 5199, 5643 and 7822 which will be available on all 3 days. 3802 will be available on Friday and Saturday and 6430 will be available on Sunday only.

This event is at the discretion of the Steward/Driver when it comes to admission (Budding Drivers must be over 18).